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Welcome to the wiki for Evolution: Heroes of Utopia! Evolution: Heroes of Utopia is an idle game similar to Tap Titans and the currency in the game is called biofuel.


You start the game with a hero called Commander. You can name the commander any name you want and he can attack shoot enemies with his gun when you tap the screen. When you kill enemies you get biofuel which can be used to upgrade, evolve and buy heroes. The extra heroes that you purchase do damage to the enemy on their own, adding up to a total Damage Per Second (DPS). Your first hero (Commander or the name you chose) does damage as you tap. The higher Commander's level and the faster you tap, the more damage he does. The other heroes need you to spend biofuel points to level them up. The difficulty ramps up quite quickly, and the game will tutorial you on how to upgrade weapons and how to "Teleport" back to the beginning to earn discs that you can spend on even more upgrades. Each time you teleport and get upgrades, you will be able to get to higher and higher levels.

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